Community Listservs

The Greater Atlanta Jewish Abilities Alliance offers two helpful resources to connect with other people and families in your position. Both Listservs are conducted through email and offer users a chance to connect with others in a similar position.

For Children –

The Greater Atlanta Jewish Abilities Alliance (JAA) Parent Listserv (formerly the Amit Parent Listserv) is a great way to connect with other parents of children with disabilities who have navigated the same system and challenges. The JAA Parent Listserv is also a great venue for finding resources and recommendations in a non-threatening environment.

For Adults –

Sometimes the best way to handle your feelings is to communicate with other people in your position. You may want to consider joining the Greater Atlanta Jewish Abilities Alliance (JAA) Adult Listserv. This forum is for adults with disabilities and their family members.

To join the JAA Parent Listserv or the JAA Listserv for Adults please send an email to and specify which list you would like to join.