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House Vows to Renew Money Follows the Person
Federal lawmakers are working to renew Money Follows the Person, a Medicaid program that helps people leave institutions and live in the community.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 6/25/2019 

Aquatica Orlando Named First Autism-Certified Waterpark
The Florida park includes a quiet room, low sensory areas and a sensory guide that rates the rides and attractions on taste, touch, sound, smell and sight.
Original article appeared on Huff Post, 1/29/2019

oogle Glass May Improve Social Skills in Kids with ASD
Initial research shows that incorporating Google Glass into ABA therapy produces greater gains than just ABA alone.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 5/28/19

Ravens Invite Fan to Read NFL Draft in Braille

Head coach of the Ravens, John Harbaugh, found the perfect way to include an inspiring young fan in the team's upcoming NFL draft selection.
Original article appeared on ABC NEWS, 4/26/19

Target Expands Sensory-Friendly Offerings
From weighted blankets to floor cushions and chairs, Target launches an online collection of sensory-friendly home options.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 4/8/19

Lego Sets Out To Launch Braille Bricks in 2020

The new bricks give people with visual impairments the opportunity to naturally learn Braille while playing alongside their peers.
Original article appeared on New York Times, 4/27/19

Why The College Admissions Scandal Hurts Students With Disabilities
The disability community is up in arms after news broke of the college bribery admissions scandal.
Original article appeared on NPR, 3/14/19

Trump Backs Off Plan To Defund Special Olympics
After Education Secretary Betsy DeVos defended the proposed plan, President Trump is reversing course.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 3/29/19

Renewed Push Underway to Extend Program That Helps People Leave Institutions

Lawmakers are pressing ahead with efforts to renew a federal program that helps people with disabilities move from institutions to community-based settings. 
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 3/4/19

George H.W. Bush Remembered As A Champion For Those With Disabilities

One of President Bush's proudest achievements in office was signing the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 12/4/18

To Honor Cecil and David
Remembering the Rosenthal brothers, two of the 11 victims killed in the synagogue mass shooting in Squirrel Hill.
Original article appeared on Jewish Journal, 10/30/18

Starbucks Opens First US Sign Language Store
With murals, tech pads and fingerspelling, the DC storefront employs 24 deaf, hard-of-hearing and hearing employees. 
Original article appeared on The Washington Post, 10/23/18  

Justice Department Urged To Address Web Accessibility
Citing growing litigation, a group of senators is calling on the U.S. Department of Justice to weigh in on how the Americans with Disabilities Act applies online. 
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 9/19/18 

Disabilities Affect 74 Percent of Likely Voters

As National Disability Employment Awareness Month begins, a wake-up call for candidates.   
Original article appeared on Respectability, 10/1/18  

Braile for a New Digital Age

A Bulgarian entrepreneur helped invent Blitab, a tablet for blind and visually impaired people.
Original article appeared on The New York Times, 9/3/18

ADHD Diagnoses in Children Nearly Doubles

A recent study reports a rise in ADHD diagnoses in children, most notably in minority groups.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 9/4/18

Facebook Makes Changes Following Disability-Related Discrimination Complaint

Facebook is taking steps to prevent advertisers from discriminating against people with disabilities. 
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 8/31/18 

Federal Disability Policy Office Proposed
new federal office is being proposed that would review legislative plans and how they would affect people with disabilities if enacted. 
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 7/31/18 

Born This Way's Emmy Nominations Prove Disability is a Winning Theme
The unscripted reality show about seven young adults with Down Syndrome continues to add up honors and break down stigmas surrounding disability. 
Original article appeared on Respectability, 7/16/18 

Meet the First Registered Capitol Hill Lobbyist with Down Syndrome
Kayla McKeon, 30, is making her mark on Capitol Hill for herself and for thousands of others like her, swaying federal lawmakers in her favor.
Original article appeared on The Washington Post, 6/8/18 

Breakthrough Moments at the Special Olympics USA
With the games underway in Seattle, WA, we look at captured moments of victory and inspiration. 
Original article appeared on ESPN, 7/5/18

'Sesame Place' Theme Park is the First 'Certified Autism Center' in the World
Sesame Place in Philadelphia will become the first theme park in the world designated as a “Certified Autism Center” (CAC), providing ongoing training for team members in the areas of sensory awareness, environment, communication, motor and social skills, program development and emotional awareness. 
Original article appeared on The Mighty, 4/4/18 

Apple seeks to 'take disability out of the equation' 
Ahead of Global Accessibility Awareness Day, the tech giant discusses its work helping people with disabilities. 
Original article appeared on CNET, 5/14/18 

Government urged to improve disability services
Services for children with disabilities and their families should be far more coordinated and easier to access, according to a new report produced for the federal government evaluating everything from health care and special education to employment.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 5/11/18

Senators Call for End to Subminimum Wage amid Accusations of Exploitation
Subminimum wages for workers with disabilities came under fire this week as a group of U.S. senators called for an end to the “discriminatory” practice and an Illinois manufacturing company was accused of exploiting nearly 250 employees.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 4/27/18

Feds Release New Stats on Restraint and Seclusion in Schools
New data on nearly every public school in the nation shows that students with disabilities continue to be disciplined and experience restraint and seclusion at far higher rates than others.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 4/24/18

Independent Grounds Cafe opens in Kennesaw

A new coffeeshop in Kennesaw opened its doors last month, serving up coffee, tea and fraps. What makes it unique is that it employs teens and adults with developmental disabilities, hoping to inspire the community to think differently about what people with special needs can do. Stop by Independent Grounds Cafe, show your support and enjoy a good cup of coffee!
Original article appeared on Atlanta Journal-Constitution, 3/28/18


Sesame Street' expands Autism focus
Since the debut of Julia two years ago online and one year ago on the show, Sesame Street is adding to their website a storybook about Julia, four videos starring Julia and her friends, and digital routine cards with step-by-step instructions showing Julia doing potentially challenging activities. There also is a new episode focused on Julia and her unique perspective. This is all part of their initiative in increasing efforts to include kids on the spectrum. 
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 4/5/18 

Gregg Harper Hopes Disability Internship Program Expands After His Departure
As Rep. Gregg Harper prepares to leave Congress, he has high hopes the internship program he created for individuals with intellectual disabilities will grow and lead to more alumni getting hired. 
Original article appeared on Roll Call, 4/16/18


Concerns raised as disability panels fail to meet under Trump
Lawmakers are urging the Trump administration to convene multiple committees tasked with advising the federal government on disability issues that appear to have been put on hiatus.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 3/15/18


Hawking's death promotes debate on disability language
The death of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking has prompted important conversations around how disabilities should be discussed, particularly in the media.
Orignal article appeared on Nation Center on Disability and Journalism, 3/19/18


School District Ordered to Reimburse Family for Private Placement
A victory for all children with disabilities, a federal judge ruled that Douglas County school district must reimburse a student’s family for the accrued tuition costs of a private school for students with disabilities, since they did not provide him an adequate public education.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 2/13/18


House Lawmakers Approve Changes to Americans with Disabilities Act
The controversial legislation, which would severely damage accessibility protections already in place, was approved on a vote of 225 to 192.
Original article appeard on Disabilty Scoop, 2/15/18


FDA grants 'breakthrough therapy' status to potential Autism drug
A major pharmaceutical company says it has received a designation from the FDA to help expedite what could be the first drug to treat the core symptoms of Autism.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 1/30/18


Trump signs Family Caregivers Act

A new law will require the federal government to develop a national strategy to address the needs of family caregivers, including those supporting people with developmental disabilities.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 1/25/18


Bilingualism a possible plus for kids with Autism
Speaking more than one language may offer a significant advantage for children with autism that goes well beyond communication, a new study suggests. Kids on the spectrum who are bilingual appear to be able to switch gears more quickly than their peers who speak only a single language.
Original article appeared on Disability Scoop, 1/16/18


Texas illegally excluded thousands from Special Education
For years, Texas education officials illegally led schools across the state to deny therapy, tutoring and counseling to tens of thousands of children with disabilities, according to federal officials.
Original article appeared on The New York Times, 1/11/18


Ohio bill banning abortions of fetuses with Down Syndrome signed
Ohio Gov. John Kasich signed a bill banning abortions in cases where a fetus has been diagnosed with or is suspected to have Down Syndrome.
Original article appeared on The Mighty, Dec. 22, 2017


Tommy Hilfiger's new line made specifically for adults with disabilities

After launching a line of adaptive children's clothing, Hilfiger has expanded his reach to adults with disabilities as well.
Original article appeared on Huffington Post, Oct. 20, 2017


Eminem and Beyoncé are called out for use of the 'R' word in new song
The Ruderman Family Foundation Calls Out singers for use of the word ‘retarded’ in new song, and to use their celebrity to stop bullying of people with disabilities.
Original article appeared on the Ruderman Family Foundation, Dec. 14, 2017