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Parent Chats January 4 - 7 pm for parents & caregivers of children A conversation about sensory strategies for learning success with Florie Glusman, OT January 5 - 7 pm for parents & caregivers of adults A conversation about waivers, family support funding, and vocational rehabilitation with Jessica Kasten, Transition Services Educator

Advocacy – Transition Years


ADVOCACY Self-awareness is generally the first step in self-advocacy. As you become an adult and seek independence, it is important to determine what is important to you. You can begin by determining what it is you need, speaking up for yourself and learning how to describe your needs and wants. Know your

Howard County Expanded Housing – Transition Years

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HOWARD COUNTY AFFORDABLE OPTIONS Affordable, appropriate adult housing for individuals with disabilities is difficult to obtain and in short supply. The Howard County Autism Society (HCAS) is currently working on a potential solution. HCAS hopes to partner with local developers to explore building inclusive housing, using the Generations of Hope model.   For

Health Services – Transition Years


HEALTH SERVICES As you become an adult, maintaining a healthy lifestyle will become your responsibility. Understanding health care is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. “Greet all people with a smile.” Tips Start early! Learn about your health care needs at an early

Summer Programs – Transition Years


SUMMER PROGRAMS There are so many camp choices for children with disabilities! From highly specialized camps to general inclusion programs, there are options for every child. With thorough research, you should be able to find the right camp for your child. The American Camp Association makes it easy to find a great

Special Education – Transition Years

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SPECIAL EDUCATION Every child deserves to have an inclusive education. Work with your school to have a general education curriculum and learn alongside your peers without disabilities. You can accomplish this by having an educational plan, called an IEP, in place. During the transition years, your parents and educators will continue to have

Financial Resources – Transition Years

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FINANCIAL RESOURCES & BENEFITS Proper financial planning is very important – it is never too early to plan ahead! Creating a financial plan requires you, and your support system, to consider your vision for life when you get older. First, ask yourself these questions: What supports will need to be in place

Parent Support Services – Transition Years

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PARENT SUPPORT SERVICES Parenting is the most challenging job that some adults undertake. With such high demands, it’s not uncommon to feel frustrated. Parents can lose control when they are feeling isolated, involved in difficult relationships, experiencing financial stress or lacking information on child development and child-rearing techniques. However, becoming an informed

Transition Years (14-21)


TRANSITION YEARS (14-18) The transition years are pivotal for planning your life. During this time, you can design a plan for academic and non-academic courses, other learning experiences, employment and community living. The goals of transition planning are to help you understand your disability and to determine your future. One way transition

Legal Services – Transition Years


LEGAL RESOURCES There are a multitude of legal resources in each state, which sets its own guidelines. You should check with your state agencies for guidance. Legal Resources to Consider: Health Insurance Medicaid health benefits are available for individuals who qualify for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Medicaid provides government-funded health insurance for

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