Matthew Blumenthal M'silot Program of the Atlanta Jewish Academy

5200 Northland Drive
Atlanta, GA 30342

Atlanta Jewish Academy is a college preparatory, co-educational, preschool-12th grade, independent Jewish day school, guided by modern orthodox values and principles. The Atlanta Jewish Academy embodies the ideals of community, tradition, individual development, and educational innovation. Atlanta Jewish Academy develops the whole person for college and life by fostering a love of Torah, Israel, and all Jewish people through an excellent secular and Judaic education within an inclusive, nurturing community.


Students with a diagnosed mild to moderate learning disability in grades K-6 may qualify for The Matthew Blumenthal M’silot Program. These students learn in small classes with a teacher-student ratio of approximately 1 to 6. The program includes general and Judaic studies, emphasizing remedial strategies to help children compensate for their learning differences. Teachers use direct instruction and multi-sensory learning, and there is a strong foundation in decoding, reading, and written and oral language. The Matthew Blumenthal M'silot program also includes a qualified language therapist and optional occupational therapy. In 7th and 8th grade, AJA offers an inclusion model for students who learn differently. Students are mainstreamed for the entire day in a collaborative classroom which includes a special education co-teacher to assist with differentiation. The AJA Upper School uses an inclusion model in which students take all necessary general and Judaic studies, like their AJA peers. Students in the Strategic Learning program will be taught in a variety of ways, depending on their learning needs. Some will attend regular class with follow-up by a learning specialist to modify curriculum as needed to insure academic success. Others will have a learning specialist present in the classroom to modify or accommodate curriculum based on the needs of each student.

Atlanta Jewish Academy provides the following:

  • Accessibility Ramps (For Building Access)
  • Assistive Technology
  • Resource Room
  • Learning Resource Specialists/Inclusion Coordinator
  • Counseling Services
  • Speech Language Pathologist

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