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Nick May is a singer/songwriter, educator, songleader, and inclusion activist based in Fairfax, Virginia. Being a person who stutters (PWS), Nick latched on to music as a way to fluently express himself from a young age. Learn more about Nick May here.   Nick will join us during tonight’s special Shabbat Service for Jewish Disabilities Awareness and Inclusion Month. Throughout services he will share with us pieces of his program Being HeardBeing Heard is a program that combines storytelling and singing to show the power of being inclusive, not only towards others but to ourselves.

Immediately following services at 7:25, gather with the Hineini Committee for 15 minutes as we Gain A New Perspective and learn from Nick about what it is like to live with a disability.  We will ask important questions about  faith, inclusivity, the pandemic and more. We hope that by hearing from our community members we will all “gain a new perspective” and enter Shabbat with much to contemplate and ponder.

Email Jan Jay at janjayrd@yahoo.com for Zoom info.