The Classroom Observation and JF&CS Assessment Partnership provided by our Community Training and Inclusion Coordinator (CTIC) is available to all preschools, day schools, supplemental schools and other Jewish organizations that work with preschool and school-aged children.


  • Classroom observation by CTIC
  • Following observation, classroom strategies and guidance provided by CTIC to the educational directors and teachers
  • If appropriate, JF&CS screening recommended
  • Following screening, CTIC will help teachers utilize the screening recommendations in the classroom

Should a screening be recommended, there are two screening levels available:

Level 1 ($300)
Brief screening includes

  • Classroom observation
  • Brief phone interview with parent
  • Rating scales
  • Preliminary results

Level 2 ($700)
Brief screening includes

  • Classroom observation
  • In-person interview with parent
  • Cognitive measure with child
  • Rating scales
  • Preliminary results

Screenings are completed by a JF&CS Psychologist and referral for screening must come from JAA and the Jewish preschool/day school’s collaboration. For more information please contact Lisa Houben at: 404-575-3770 or

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