Parenting is the most challenging job that some adults undertake. With such high demands, it’s not uncommon to feel frustrated. Parents can lose control when they are feeling isolated, involved in difficult relationships, experiencing financial stress or lacking information on child development and child-rearing techniques.

However, becoming an informed parent will help build effective child rearing skills and find a place within the community.

“Greet all people with a smile.”
Ethics of the Fathers 3:16

Georgia Resources

There are a multitude of programs to support parents who have children with special needs and other difficulties in Greater Atlanta.

If you are looking to connect with other parents, you can join the Greater Atlanta Jewish Abilities Alliance (JAA) Parent Listserv (formerly the Amit Parent Listserv). For adult individuals with disabilities and their families, you can join the Greater Atlanta Jewish Abilities Alliance (JAA) Listserv for Adults.

Americans Live With an Autism Spectrum Disorder
of Children Have Been Diagnosed with a Developmental Disability
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