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Paving the Way “This is Me”

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Join us for an inspirational morning celebrating adults with disabilities and their families, as they share their stories of breaking barriers, overcoming obstacles and paving the way to meaningful lives.Guest speakers include:Katherine MagnoliMs. Wheelchair Florida 2017Children's Book AuthorBonnie SchmidtFounder of ScentsAbilityBryan BoggianoJournalistMitch & Garrett "G-Money" HoleveAdaptive Fitness TrainersFeatured on ESPNNicole WhitmanSpecial Needs EducatorFeatured on The

Navigating the Path to Mental Wellness

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Offers  guidance to families with locating appropriate resources, navigating community mental health settings, coping with stress and managing challenges presented by loved ones with a disability.The seminar is free and open to the community. For more information, please call 954-909-0822.Educators:  Dr, Jessica Ruiz, Behavioral Health Associates of Broward and TBD

Vocational Opportunities for People with Disabilities

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Provides information regarding employment opportunities for people with disabilities, including vocational rehabilitation, supported employment, sheltered workshops, post-secondary training and adult day programs.The seminar is free and open to the community.  For more information, please call 954-909-0822.Educator:  TBD

Residential Options for People with Disabilities

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Explores the various residential options available for people with disabilities, including independent living skills training, group homes, supported living, assisted living and intermediate care facilities.The seminar is free and open to the community.  For more information, please call 954-909-0822.Educators:  Gloria Gorodesky, Arc Broward and Linda Angress, Sunrise Group

Social Security — Not for Retirement Only

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Back by popular demand, Social Security benefits consultant Richard Friedkin will discuss the different Social Security benefits that are available for people with disabilities, such as Social Security Disability (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI), how to qualify for benefits, the application, interview and appeals process and what the requirements are in order to continue

Age Appropriate Strategies for Rewarding Behaviors

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Parents will often use a reward system to encourage their child's good behaviors.  This is especially true if your "child" is an adult with a developmental disability.  This workshop offers strategies on how to positively reinforce good behaviors based on your child's age, ability level and preferences.The seminar is free and open to the community. 

Understanding Transition Options — Preparing for the Future

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When children with developmental disabilities age out of the school system, parents often describe feeling as though they have fallen off a cliff.  All the supports and resources that were in place throughout childhood are now gone.  This workshop helps families prepare for their child's future by identifying the different transition options and guiding them

Medicaid Waiver 101

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Representatives from the Agency for Persons with Disabilities and the Aging & Disability Resource Center will provide a comprehensive overview of the various Medicaid Waivers available in Florida, the criteria for eligibility, the application process, what to do while on the waiting list and what services are covered once you receive funding.The seminar is free

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