Classroom Observation & JFCS Assessment

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CLASSROOM OBSERVATION & JF&CS ASSESSMENT PARTNERSHIP The Classroom Observation and JF&CS Assessment Partnership provided by our Community Training and Inclusion Coordinator (CTIC) is available to all preschools, day schools, supplemental schools and other Jewish organizations that work with preschool and school-aged children. Process: Classroom observation by CTIC Following observation, classroom strategies

Sensitivity Training and Awareness

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SENSITIVITY TRAINING & AWARENESS JAA's Sensitivity Training and Awareness curriculum was created to help support our partner agencies in their inclusion efforts of individuals with disabilities. Designed so that each training can be tailored for the intended audience, the activities included help to facilitate conversations which fall into one of 3 main


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TRAINING Jewish Abilities Alliance stands as a partner in the community to support organizations in their efforts towards access and opportunity for individuals with disabilities. Currently we offer two types of training: sensitivity and awareness training for children, staff, educators, professionals and corporations; and a classroom observation and assessment for educators and

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